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Aninx Corp HduO Family and Pet Water Dispensing System
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Aninx Corp HduO Family and Pet Water Dispensing System

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The HduO water dispenser is the first system designed to meet the hydration needs of the whole family. HduO electronically dispenses fresh, cool water to an integrated pet bowl. Pet owners love the convenience and peace of mind knowing that their pets always have clean cool water. Pets love HduO as their natural instincts drive them to running water.


First water dispenser designed for both people and their pets

Motion-activated system dispenses cool, clean water into an integrated pet bowl

Keeps pets off counters and away from sinks and toilets

Makes sure your pet always has plenty of water to drink

Includes safety features designed to protect your pets and children

Product Details:
Product Length: 15.5 inches
Product Width: 12.5 inches
Product Height: 39.5 inches
Package Length: 42.0 inches
Package Width: 17.5 inches
Package Height: 15.0 inches
Package Weight: 30.0 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 12 reviews
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